I save money and enjoy energy independence

From the sun to electricity.

Why should I go for solar power?

Here are my answers:

  • I participate in the fundamental redesign of our energy sourcing system.
  • I take responsibility and participate in an absolutely clean and sustainable power generation.
  • I efficiently use my unused roof areas productively to save money.
  • I prefer to invest my money in a sustainable solar power generation system than in an unsecure capital investment system.
  • My solar power system increases the building value.
  • The sun sends me no bill.

I should go for solar power?

I am motivated, because:
  • I produce free energy.
  • I am making myself less dependent on rising electricity prices.
  • I use more than 1000 kWh of electricity per year.
  • I am planning to buy an electric vehicle.
  • I am planning to add more electric equipment to increase my convenience.
  • My roof location is in an optimum position to produce maximum solar power.
  • I have a suitable garden, balcony or a free roof area.
  • I see the investment in a solar power system as part of my pension plan.
  • A healthy environment for my family is important to me and I am a role model for my children by producing sustainable clean energy.
  • I actively contribute to the endangered climate change.

You have decided to achieve energy independence and want to get a solar power system installed.

Still have some doubts to get clarified:

  • Does the sun always need to shine to produce electricity?
    No, the sun does not always have to shine. Even when it is cloudy, the solar power system generates electricity. However, electricity production will be comparatively higher if there is bright sunshine.
  • How intensive is the solar power system maintenance?
    Solar power system works almost maintenance-free. The operating and maintenance costs are therefore very low. Dust and dirt are mostly removed by rain. Modern smart solar systems provide live remote monitoring which provides actual system status including electricity production.
  • What is an optimum profitable size of solar power system for me?
    A solar power system with an approximate power of 1 kW requires about 6 square meters of roof space. With a 1 kW solar power system, you can produce about 1,000 kWh of electricity per year. The size of the photovoltaic generator depends on the available space and your individual consumption needs.
  • How long is the lifespan of solar panels?
    On the basis of given technical know-how and experience, the life expectancy of a solar panel is approximately 30 to 35 years. However, this expectation is based on proper monitoring and maintenance.
  • Is the decision to implement a solar power system really profitable for me?
    Yes, of course!
    If you consider the several factors described above, especially the factors like money saving, environmental sustainability and energy independence, you benefit from the first day of commissioning the system. It could be profitable even if you go for solar power without any subsidies. Usually thehigher your self-consumption, the quicker will be your investment pay off.
  • Does the storage system make me completely energy independent?
    A well thoughtoutsolar power system designed by a professional provider by considering the pattern of your self-consumption combined with a properly sized storage systemcan achieve a very high rate of energy independence.
  • What advantages do I have by combining my solar power system with a battery storage?
    The particular advantage of the solar power battery storage is the increase in self-consumption rate. If there is no sun shine or if there is no power consumption, battery storage can be used to optimise power generation and power consumption. With an intelligent combination of solar power system, battery storage and an energy management system, household energy flows can be improved. This will help you reduce your electricity consumption from the grid andsave money in the long term.
  • Does a battery storage affect the performance of my solar power system?
    With a battery storage you can use the electricity generated from your own solar power system with almost no loss. The electricity generated from your own system will be charged in the battery storage as DC. It will be converted into AC only when it is used on site or when it is fed into the public electricity grid.

If you have any further questions, please contact your SOLX team.


The sun is the largest and most important source of energy for our planet. Let us use it as our sustainable, free, clean, noiseless and infinitely available source of energy!