Be free from scheduled and incidental power cuts.

Produce your own electricity and never have to think about the rising electricity cost.

Why do you go for solar power?

SOLX helps you explore the benefits of going for solar power:

  • Achieve energy independence with uninterrupted power supply
  • Uninterrupted business hours or production in factory
  • Low operating cost as your electric bills get drastically reduced
  • Clear forecast of operating cost by avoiding regular price fluctuations on your energy cost from external sources.
  • Tax benefit from long-term capital investment and depreciation calculations.
  • Better depreciation strategies for financial advantages
  • Avoid grid power duty charges
  • Increase your asset value by investing in a long-term improvement
commercial solar

We do a detailed financial analysis for you. Whether preference is a full upfront investment to take multiple financial benefits or you may go for a leasing or any other external financing choice without any upfront investment from your pocket, we have the solution for you to go for solar power without worrying about the financial part.

Now get benefited from making your own affordable, sustainable, clean electricity.
We bring you the perfect technology


SOLX does a systematic process-oriented work flow from planning to switch on and also during the regular maintenance after installation.

Solar system planning

Solar system planning

We start with an on-site inspection to analyse the deployment and installation options. We will prepare an exact planning of module assembly and electrical installation. We support our customers with the preparation and submission of necessary documents for building permit and subsidie

We support our customers with the preparation and submission of necessary documents for building permit and subsidies.

Assembly and installation

Assembly and installation

After obtaining necessary approvals, we begin with the implementation and installation of your solar power system. SOLX will provide detailed training to customer after completion and will switch-on the system together with the customer into regular operation.

Maintenance and monitoring

Maintenance and monitoring

Based on the agreement we maintain and monitor the complete solar power system for our customer in order to react quickly on possible outages. Any unproduced kW energy is lost money.

As part of our preventive maintenance, we check all mechanical and electrical connections and clean your complete system. We ensure perfect fittings of panels. The electric cabling will be controlled in order to ensure maximum power production. Modules and string measurements helps to identify any problems in the modules or lines at the early stage itself.

Our regular preventive maintenance ensures you to achieve best possible energy production in the following years. We provide you with a detailed regular report on your system’s energy production.

Enjoy energy independence

SOLX is your one-stop-shop. We undertake your solar energy project - from start to finish.

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